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Adam West

Adam is a graduate of Birmingham University’s music department (1st class Bmus 2017) who majored in Instrumental and Acousematic / Electroacoustic composition. During his studies he became interested in many different facets of musical composition and discourse. Having grown up dabbling in recording and computer based music production it made sense that he learn about recording and musical synthesis in the digital domain. Sound-based musical discourse also interested him and this lead to studies involving sampling, manipulation and creation of synthetic sounds for use in musical composition. He also studied popular music recording and production whilst on a year abroad at Auckland University, New Zealand.

His background in music is varied seeing him encompass many musical interests. He began his musical life playing piano and guitar and quickly started composing folk songs. Playing in bands, performing repertoire from Punk to Boogie Woogie also helped give him a good grounding in a breadth of musical styles and genres. All of these influences are still present in his musical style and writing.


Adam now works as an audio professional for post-production media, editing and mixing for television. In this role many aspects of his musical experience, knowledge and skills come into play.

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