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Art Competition - Carnival of the Animals

Age group: 12 and under

Deadline: Monday 17th May 2021

On Sunday 13th June, we will be performing Saint-Saëns’ ‘Carnival of the Animals’ – a collection of musical pieces, each one describing a particular animal. This piece is a wonderful way for children to be introduced to classical music and its ability to engage, excite and inspire. In order to encourage further engagement, what could be better than to create art inspired by the music? Festival Fresco’s Art Competition invites all children aged 12 and under to take part and have a go! 


Participants will be required to choose an animal from the list below and to depict them through any art medium they want to use (this can include 3D creations too!) 

Lion                        Donkeys

Hens/Roosters          Cuckoo

Tortoises                  Exotic Birds           

Elephant                  Pianists

Kangaroos               Fossils

Aquarium                 Swan


To get inspiration, have a listen to the list of animals here: 

So get creative and we can't wait to see your entries!


Arts & Crafts

How to Enter


Send a scan or good quality photo of your artwork, along with your name and age to: The competition is free of charge.

The Deadline for submissions is Monday 17th May 2021.

The Prize: Winning artworks will be featured in our lunchtime concert on Sunday 13th June before the relevant piece/animal. This will be a live-streamed concert on YouTube.


Results will be sent out by Monday 7th June. All participants will be sent the YouTube link for the live-streamed lunchtime concert on Sunday 13th June (exact time TBC).


We will do our best to feature all contributions at the end of the concert (number of entries depending) – so regardless of whether you win or not, your art piece will most likely be included in the video!

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