Lizzie Elliot and Marino Capulli

Violin and Cello Duo

Marino and Lizzie are a Violin and Cello duo who have been playing together for just over a year. Marino has worked in Italy as a violinist with the orchestra I Solisti Aquilani and has recently moved to the UK to persue a freelance career in Music. He is an avid supporter of Juventus football club! Lizzie is currently studying for a Masters degree at the Royal Academy of Music in London and loves to paint in her spare time. They are both members of the string trio ‘The Wondering Fiddlers’ alongside the eminent violinist and musicologist, Dr Alberto Sanna. They have played together in festivals such as Habana Clasica, III Encuentro Nacional de Musica Antigua in Bayamo and The Great Bowden Music Fest. They have also given concerts for the luthier Gino Sfarra in Abruzzo, Italy and at the British Embassy in Nairobi. They also work together for the charity EMAE (Early Music as Education), coaching young musicians from Merseyside in 18th century chamber music.

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