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Natasha Sofla

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Natasha Sofla is a composer from Manchester with a BMus from the University of Birmingham and an MA in Composition for Film and Television from the University of Bristol. Her work spans the genres of classical contemporary, electroacoustic, and media composition, and she is particularly interested in cross-platform art.


Natasha has been commissioned for a variety of events, including Collective 31's St Matthew Passion: Reimagined, the Christmas Spectacular concert at St George's Bristol, and the contemporary music festival Turbulences Sonores. In addition, her music has been featured in concerts by Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST), Bristol University Loudspeaker Orchestra (BULO), the City of Bristol Choir, and the Bristol Ensemble.


More recently, Natasha has been working on the soundtrack for the new tabletop RPG Daemonologie, and has multiple short film projects in the works. She has been featured on Daemonologie’s podcast, and has been interviewed by Collective31.

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